Fiber optic IP camera monitoring network solution

As fiber to the home(FTTH) and passive optical network increasing worldwide, Fiber Optic Telecom (FOT) keep on providing various fiber optic network solution reference to our valued clients.

Here introduce FOT Fiber optic IP camera monitoring network solution.
From city remote monitoring to building secure monitoring, even in a single house, IP monitoring system is more and more popular.

As shown in the fiber optic IP monitoring network application chart, there are three typical monitoring scenarios:
Scenario A: Single house IP camera monitoring system is simple and basic, there are only several IP cameras connect to fiber optic ONU, users can check the monitoring scenarios from the PC/Cellphone monitoring terminal.

Scenario B: In SOHO office/small shopping center medium-scale monitoring system, dozens of IP cameras will be connected to fiber-optic MDU, and they are managed in a small center monitoring room.

Scenario C: In a large hotel/hospital building, hundreds of IP cameras should be connected to large volume fiber optic MDU and be managed by remote management and operation center.

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