Optical Power Meter

Model: OPM-300A/B
Measurement Range(dBm): -70+10, -50+26
Wavelength (nm): 850,980,1300,1310,1490,1550,1625


  • Wave ID Auto wavelength identification & switching
  • Frequency ID —Auto frequency identification
  • 2 types of backlight modes, manual or outside light intensity, which indicated by LED light red or blue color.
  • Intelligent backlight
  • USB communication port for saved testing records download
  • Reference power level can be set up and stored
  • User self-calibrating function
  • Auto-off function
  • Up to 240hrs battery life



Model OPM300A OPM300B
Calibration Wavelength(nm) 800~1700
Detector type InGaAs
Detector Size(mm) 0.3
Measurement Range(dBm) -70+10 -50+26
Uncertainty (dB) +0.2(5%)
linearity (dB) 0.01
Display resolution(dB) 0.03
Frequency ID (Hz) 270 330 1K 2K
Wave ID (nm) 850,980,1300,1310,1490,1550,1625
Resolution(dB) Linear 0.1% or Non-linear 0.01dBm
Communication Port RS232
Connector FC/PC ( Interchangeable FC/SC/ST connectors can be optional)
Alkaline battery 3AAA 1.5V  or Li battery (9V) optional
Power Adapter(V) 8.4
Battery Operating time (h) 240 without backlight
Operation Temperature(oC) -10(oC) +60
Storage Temperature(oC) -25(oC)+70
Dimension(mm) 172*82*33
Weight(g) 310

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