PON Optical Power Meter

Model: POPM-300
Measure wavelengths: 1310/1490/1550nm
Fiber Type: SM


  • Measure three wavelengths(1310/1490nm/1550nm) simultaneously
  • Burst mode measurement at 1310nm wavelength
  • Large LCD screen with backlight function, 10 minutes Auto-off function
  • Six calibration wavelength available when tested as Normal OPM (850,1300,1310,1490,1550&1625nm)
  • VFL Function for quick and efficient fault identification
  • Data upload via USB cable, 1000 storage test records
  • 10 different threshold sets
  • User self-calibration function in software which used to calibrate the PON module or set the threshold value.


Model POPM-300
Measurement  wavelength 1310 1490 1550
Pass Zone(nm) 1260~1360 1470~1505 1535~1570
Measurement Range(dBm) -40~+10 -40~+10 -40~+20
Isolation1310nm(dB)  >40  >40
Isolation 1490nm(dB)  >40  >30
Isolation 1550nm(dB)  >40  >40
Measurement Accuracy
Connatural uncertainty(dB) 0.5
Connatural uncertainty(dB)  <+0.25
Linearity(dB) 0.1
Passing through insertion Loss(dB) <1.5
Normal Optical Power Meter Module
Display 128*64
Measurement Unit dB/dBm/ xW
Resolution (dB) 0.01
Power Supply Li battery (9V)
Fiber Type SM
Measurement Range(dBm) -10~600C
Store Range(dBm) -25~700C
Size (mm) 210 x 115 x 55


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